The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS) is New York City’s oldest and longest producing LGBTQ+ theater company.

We are dedicated to an honest and open exploration of the life experiences and cultural sensibilities of the LGBTQ+ community and to preserving and promoting our literary past in a determined effort to keep our theatrical heritage alive

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Street Theater (2019)

The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS)

The Street Theater Project

Doric Wilson's STREET THEATER - illustration of characters from this play about the people and personalities of the Stonewall uprising.

Premiere Event
A concert reading of
at The Stonewall Inn

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 7:00PM (doors @ 6:00PM)

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The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS) has been invited to kick off World Pride events at The Stonewall Inn on Monday May 13 with a concert reading of our founder Doric Wilson’s STREET THEATER, his 1981 play about the 90 minutes prior to the Stonewall uprising. The reading will be followed by a talkback/discussion with scholars, historians and Stonewall survivors. We will produce this same event throughout May and June with other LGBTQ+ organizations, but it is beautifully appropriate that we start where it all began.

STREET THEATER is TOSOS’ signature production, traditionally presented environmentally in gay-friendly establishments. Originally produced in New York City at The Mineshaft in 1982, the play is Doric Wilson’s seminal work, which focuses less on the events of June 28, 1969 than on the panoply of diverse individuals who made those events happen. (Wilson himself was a participant in all three nights of the Stonewall uprising as well as the first gay pride march in NYC the following year. He and his story are featured in the documentary Stonewall Uprising.) This concert reading reunites performers from the original cast with cast members from several critically acclaimed revivals of the play mounted since the play’s 20th anniversary revival in 2002, which played to sold out crowds at The Eagle NYC.

It has been a dream of the company to perform our Stonewall play at The Stonewall Inn itself, so we are forever grateful to Bill Morgan, Kurt Kelly and Stacy Lentz for their generous offer to appear as part of their program of events in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the uprising. Bringing an awareness of queer history to LGBTQ+ people, building community and connecting that community to the arts are all important to our company. We look forward to coming together for an evening of entertainment, education and enlightenment.

Other dates

May/June 2019 readings of STREET THEATER are listed below. As dates come into focus for readings at other organizations, they will be posted here:

Bar Dykes

July/August 2019

Bar Dykes

By Merril Mushroom
Directed by Mark Finley

This summer of Stonewall 50 and World Pride, The Other Side Of Silence (TOSOS), NYC’s longest-producing LGTBQ+ theater company, continues to honor our community’s history by bringing Merril Mushroom’s long-lost play, BAR DYKES, for it’s premiere on the NYC stage.

Directed by Mark Finley, the audience steps behind a nondescript door where it’ll find a very distinct clientele and world of butches and femmes.  Playwright Mushroom, drawing on her experiences as a lesbian in the Deep South and New York City in the pre-Stonewall era, transports us into the hidden subculture of lesbian society in mid-century America, and into the women and their relationships in a precarious time.

Follow 11 bar dykes as they drink, dance, date, duke it out, and grab a few undisturbed moments. BAR DYKES will be an immersive staging so the audience can experience and eavesdrop on a girls’ night out captured in time as it once was.

July 11 – August 3 at The Flea

TOSOS presents Merril Mushroom's BAR DYKES - July 11 - August 3 - at The Flea
More details coming soon.