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In 1974, Off-Off Broadway veteran Doric Wilson, cabaret star Billy Blackwell and director Peter dell Valle, started the first

professional gay theatre company in NYC. It was called The Other Side of Silence; TOSOS for short.


In 2002, directors Mark Finley and Barry Childs and playwright Wilson resurrected the company as TOSOS II, dedicating it to an

honest and open exploration of the life experience and cultural sensibility of the GLBT community and to

preserving and promoting our literary past in a determined effort to keep our theatrical heritage alive.


In 2004, TOSOS was honored by inclusion in the new permanent theater exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.


In 2007, founder Doric Wilson received the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Artistic Achievement.


In 2009, Mark Finley decided to take the company back to its origins, rebranding it TOSOS - The Other Side of Silence.


(The Museum of the City of New York features the Spike 1977 TOSOS production of Doric Wilsons The West Street Gang)


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Playwrights Project

Musical Theater Project

Solo Show Project


The Secretaries

Pig Tale

And Sophie Comes Too

Street Theater 2010

The Madness of Lady Bright


And He Made a Her

Mark Finley's The Mermaid

Charles Busch's The Lady in Question

New York Minutes

Movie Lover: A Triple Feature

Eisenstein's Monster

Elizabeth Whitney's 
Wonder Woman: The Musical

David Bell's
Bernadette & the Butcher of Broadway

Mark Finley's 
Young Stowaways in Space

Robert Patrick's Hollywood at Sunset

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David Bell's W
HAT the F**K?!?

Doric Wilson's A Perfect Relationship

  Chris Weikel's Penny Penniworth

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Doric Wilson's Street Theater

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Chris Weikel's Tales Told



One of the most exciting events. . .is the re-emergence of TOSOS, originally founded in 1974 by Stonewall veteran Doric Wilson. Bacalzo,


Talk about a prodigy. The infant TOSOS II ran before it could crawl. Marcus, Gay City News


Off-Off Broadway at its finest. Hurst, NEXT magazine


TOSOS II is proving to be the little theater group that can. . .In gay theater circles, the year's biggest news was the return of The Other Side of Silence, the nation's first professional gay troupe. . .Its reading series, Look Again!, almost instantly established the troupe as the leading light of New York gay theater. . .I can hardly wait to see what this gay theater brain trust has in store. Warman, HX magazine


One of the pleasanter aspects of living in the city is discovering a hidden treasure, be it food, entertainment or fun. In this case, it's theater, specifically TOSOS, a revived company dedicated to edgy gay plays. Weinstein, New York Blade



TOSOS is a member of

The New York Innovative Theatre Awards



United Stages



United Stages has published the following plays premiered by TOSOS: David Bell's What The F**k! and Bernadette and the Butcher of Broadway; Mark Finley's The Mermaid; Robert Patrick's Hollywood at Sunset; Kathleen Warnock's Rock the Line; Chris Weikel: Gareth & Lynette and Penny Penniworth; and Doric Wilson's And He Made a Her; Street Theater and Now She Dances! They can be purchased online from the Drama Book Store ( )


The revival of TOSOS could not have happened had it not been for

Erik Haagensen, Leonard Jacobs & Jack Schlegel

to whom this website is dedicated.


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