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One Night Only: Open dress rehearsal for “Nun of the Above”

This evening features two new short plays: Kathleen Warnock‘s “Julie Andrews is the Devil…” and Ed Valentine’s “Each to Each,” both of which will be part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in Dublin, Ireland, opening May 9, 2016!

06 Virginia Baeta and Andrea Alton in Julie Andrews is the DevilJulie Andrews is the Devil

Now there’s a provocative title! What can it possibly mean? You’ll find out when lesbian dycon folksinger Marissa crosses paths with Tabitha (formerly Sister Ruth) on Commercial Street in Provincetown during Women’s Week.

·  Written by Kathleen Warnock

·  Directed by Ed Valentine

·  Starring Andrea Alton & Virginia Baeta






12 Elizabeth Bell in Each to Each 2

Each to Each

Who hasn’t heard the mermaids singing? Well Sister Ann, for one. The good sister, an older Irish nun, has been assigned to be the keeper of the newly-captured mermaid Cyrene. Sister Ann wants to hear the mermaid sing…Cyrene wants to return to the sea. Who will get her way?

·  Written & Directed by Ed Valentine

·  Starring Virginia Baeta & Elizabeth A. Bell


Date and Time: Tuesday, April 26th – 7PM
Location: Under St Marks — 94 St Marks Place, New York, NY

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