Chesley Chambers Series

The Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwrights Project is a forum for playwrights to have their work presented to an invited audience.

No staging.
No Q and A.
Just an opportunity for playwrights to be heard.

It also offers a chance to look at plays from the past in an attempt to keep our heritage alive.

The series honors Jane Chambers (1937-83) and Robert Chesley (1943-90) – arguably two of the most original and impassioned voices to contribute to our theatrical heritage.

TOSOS would also like to acknowledge the generous support of The Dramatists Guild Fund whose support through the Theater Grant makes this series possible.

Contact Us to acquire scripts of these plays or to pose any question to Kathleen Warnock, the series producer.

Past Chesley/Chambers Playwrights

Swan Adamson — The Dads Try to Get Married (2010)
Kathy Anderson —  Incoming (2008)
Virginia BaetaDamaged Goods (2015)
Leslie Bramm —  The Minute Man (2013)
J.Stephen Brantley — The Jamb, Billy Baal (2015)
Kevin Brofsky —  Dancing Straight, Tops and Bottoms (2004), Hurricane Damage (2015), N’dom (2017)
Victor BumbaloQuesta (2006)
Jane Chambers —  My Blue Heaven (2013)
Robert Chesley — Stray Dog Story (2013)
Meryl Cohn —  Almost Home, And Sophie Comes Too (2008) & Insatiable Hunger
Constance CongdonDog Opera (2005)
Josh ConkelI Wanna Destroy You
Fiona CoyneCareful
Bob CruzSchadenfreude! (2003) & The Writers Block (2003)
Emma DonoghueI Know My Own Heart (2008)
Linda EisensteinThat Was No Lady from the Sea! (2004) & Zombie Grrrlz from the Crypt (2004)
Steven FalesMissionary Position (2008) & Who’s Your Daddy?
Lisa FerberPenny’s One Date (2005)
Mark Finley Christmas Moon, The Chiselers (2008), Forever Under (2008), How Do We Get Her in the Water? & The Mermaid (2003)
Kevin R. FreeBalboa is not Drowning (2018)
The Five Lesbian BrothersThe Secretaries
Carolyn GageThe Countess and the Lesbians (2008)
Joe GodfreyWinter Cruise
Jewelle GomezWaiting for Giovanni (2013)
Donnetta Lavinia GraysThe B Factor & The Review: Or How to Eat Your Enemy
Barbara Kahn — The Lady was a Gentleman (2018)
Georgette Kelley
 — Ballast (2015)
Byron LoydDixie Boy Fireworks
Charles LudlamCaprice
Hector Lugo — La Tosca…!
Jimmy MaizeIn One Room (2004)
Brian Merriman – Eirebrushed & Wretched Little Brat
L. Jay MeyerMinor Victories (2004)
Tim MullaneyWhat to Say (Glass Houses) (2004)
Merril Mushroom – Bar Dykes (2018)
Nick MwalukoWaafrika (2005)
Bob OstBreeders (2008)
David ParrSlap & Tickle
Nicholas A. PatriccaOh, Holy Allen Ginsberg … (2008)
Robert PatrickHollywood at Sunset (2003), The Haunted Host & Sound (2008), Untold Decades
Duncan PflasterLight and Noice and Bees and Boys
Felice PicanoThe Bombay Trunk (2003)
Robbie RobertsonRevival (2014), Satan in High Heels (2013)
Garet ScottRoll with the Punches (2003)
Martin ShermanBent 
Alisha SilverGolden (2008)
Bill Solly and Mark Finley — A Night at Danny Larue’s (2018)
Daniel Talbott Slipping (2009)
Ron TavelKitchenette (2005)
VandaScreaming in the Wilderness (2004)
Bruce WardFabulous Ride into the Unknown (2003)
Kathleen WarnockThe Audience/Rock the Line (2005), Outlook & The Further Adventures of…(2014)
Chris WeikelMaking it up as We Go Along, (2004) Speaking Parts, Dansport (2004), Pig Tale, an Urban Faerie Story (2008), Provenance & Secret Identity, Penny Penniworth, Gareth and Lynette, Nelly (2015)
Tennessee WilliamsClothes for a Summer Hotel (2005) and The Parade or Approaching the End of a Summer
Doric WilsonThe Boy Next Door, Forever After, Now She Dances! (2004) & The West Street Gang
Lanford WilsonSay DeKooning