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The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS) celebrates writers — the chroniclers of our diverse collective history — and serves as a curator of the LGBTQIA+ theatrical timeline by keeping our theatrical heritage alive and in conversation with the playwrights of today.

Through our mainstage productions and our free reading series, our audiences — and especially our LGBTQIA+ youth — can hear the voices of both the past and the present to learn how far we’ve come (or not) as a community. They are given the opportunity to understand the generations who came before us, what life was like for them, and how they fought for the rights and freedoms we have today. At the same time, we give the stage to the writers of the present day who help us understand the continued struggles and incremental triumphs of our community and give us perspective on our collective progress.

Community is big for us. With great joy and good humor, we bring our TOSOS family together at social events like our free play readings and holiday parties. We discuss and debate the art we showcase — to learn from each other and build respect and understanding — and have lots of laughs!

At TOSOS, we embrace our differences. As an LGBTQIA+ theater company, we value the diversity of artistic, cultural and life perspectives our artists bring to our stages. As storytellers, we champion the voices that aren’t being heard. As people, we strive toward equality, toward a world where everyone is welcome to the party.


Join us!


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We produce two full-length mainstage productions per season, presented live and onstage at The Flea Theatre.

Free Reading Series.png

We present 6-8 readings per season in honor of playwrights, Robert Chesley and Jane Chambers, giving a voice to new LGBTQIA+ playwrights and re-discovering some of the great, established playwrights of our time.

Social Gatherings.png

We hold free social events and gatherings throughout the season to build and keep in touch with our LGBTQIA+ community.


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