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Production Archive

Chris Weikel’s Secret Identity

Jewelle Gomez’s Waiting for Giovanni

Virginia Baeta’s Damaged Goods

Doric Wilsons Street Theater (2015)

The Five Lesbian Brothers‘s The Secretaries

Chris Weikel‘s Pig Tale

Meryl Cohn‘s And Sophie Comes Too

Doric Wilson‘s Street Theater (2010)

Lanford Wilson‘s The Madness of Lady Bright

Weikel Works

Doric Wilson‘s And He Made a Her

Mark Finley‘s The Mermaid

Charles Busch‘s The Lady in Question

New York Minute

Movie Lover

Einstein’s Monster

David Bell‘s Bernadette and the Butcher of Broadway

Mark Finley‘s Young Stowaways in Space

Robert Patrick‘s Hollywood at Sunset

David Bell‘s WHAT the F**K?

Doric Wilson‘s A Perfect Relationship

Chris Weikel‘s Penny Penniworth

Look Again!

Doric Wilson‘s Street Theater (2002)

Chris Weikel‘s Tales Told